Hempadur 15570

Product Number
As a primer for maintenance and repair, as a base and/or topcoat in Hempadur systems in severe corrosive environments. As a topcoat where the appearance of the paint is not so important. As a low temperature curing epoxy primer, undercoat and/or topcoat in coating systems as specified. The coating is suitable as an intermediate primer in epoxy systems. As a primer (fog spray method) for Galvosil. Detail description

Hempadur 15570 is a two-component, polyamide adduct cured epoxy coating that cures to a tough and highly corrosion resistant coating down to -10°C. The light grey shade 12430 pigmented with iron mica is also suitable for application in high humidity conditions, on damp steel surfaces and can be applied on damp surfaces. Greyish yellow shade 21780 and grey shade 11320 contain zinc phosphate. Complies with EU Directive 2004/42/EC on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds: subcategory j.

HEMPEL's high-quality coatings help protect the most valuable buildings and facilities around the world. Whatever project you're tackling, you need to choose the right coating. One that will deliver the performance and long-term protection you need, have minimal impact on the environment, and help make your application as safe as possible. The quality management of HEMPEL products complies with ISO, NORSOK, OHSAS standards as well as local regulations. For more information about HEMPEL products, please visit the manufacturer's website at www.hempel.cz.

Manufacturer: Hempel
The final look: matte
Dry matter volume: 54 ± 2%
Mixing ratio: Base 15579 : Hardener 95570 (3 : 1 by volume) Mix well before use.
Thinner: Hempel's Thinner 08450
Cleaner: Hempel's Tool Cleaner 99610

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