Hempacore AQ 48860

Product Number
Hempacore AQ is a very low VOC, one component, waterborne acrylic thin film foaming coating for passive fire protection of structural steel against cellulose fires. It has been optimised for local applications at R60 conditions. Applications in the workshop and/or in the R90 environment may be possible depending on the project. Detail description

Hempacore AQ is recommended as foaming fire protection for structural steel in interior applications up to Type Y (EAD350402-00-1106) and C2 (ISO 12944-2) conditions suitable for I-beams, H-columns, hollow sections and porous beams. It can also be used as a repair coat or to make repairs to the coating of damaged areas of freshly applied Hempacore AQ.

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Manufacturer: Hempel
The final look: matte
Dry matter volume: 67 ± 3%
Thinner: not recommended
Cleaner: clean water

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