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Cold cured, highly modified, chemically resistant, two-component resin system. CORROCOAT Fluiglide has a good gloss with a waxy appearance and a smooth surface after curing. The purpose of the material is to reduce fluid friction and increase the flow in the boundary layer of hydraulic parts, e.g. pumps, thereby reducing power requirements and increasing plant efficiency. Detail description
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The purpose of the material is to reduce fluid friction and increase the flow rate in the boundary layer, thereby reducing the power requirements and increasing the equipment efficiency of hydraulic parts, e.g. pumps. This applies both to reducing fluid transmission losses through pipes and channels and to increasing the efficiency of fluid propulsion systems. CORROCOAT Fluiglide is a surface coating system for application on pre-prepared surfaces. The adhesion and corrosion resistance properties of Fluiglide are themselves relatively poor and should therefore only be used on specified primers. Available shades: white.

CORROCOAT is the world's leading brand in anti-corrosion technology with in-house research and development of materials. Founded in 1975 in the UK, the company operates on six continents around the world through a network of more than 35 licensed partners. In many countries around the world, materials are specified as an industry standard. CORROCOAT uses innovative mechanical engineering combined with anti-corrosion technology to provide long-term protection for both new and damaged equipment. With a focus on quality, the processes developed are a proven, cost-effective weapon to win the battle against corrosion in the long term. More about the product at

Manufacturer: Corrocoat
Temperature limit in the immersion: 90°C
Temperature limit outside the immersion: 110°C
Recommended thickness of dry coating: minimum 800 microns in the overall system
Dry matter volume: 99%
Type of catalyst: methyl ethyl ketone peroxide special compound Corrocoat P2
Mixing ratio: base : catalyst 98 : 2 (weight ratio)
Available shades: White

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