Hempadur 35560

Product Number
Hempadur 35560 is a solvent-free, high tack, polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating that cures to a coating with good fresh water resistance. Detail description

Hempadur 35560 is recommended as an internal coating for tanks and pipes intended for drinking water and as a self-facing high impact coating, especially for environments exposed to abrasion and/or highly corrosive environments; e.g. spray zones, piers at jetties and bridges, decks.

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Manufacturer: Hempel
The final look: Glossy
Dry matter volume: 100 ± 2%
Mixing ratio: Base 35569 : Hardener 98560 (6.8 : 2 by volume) Mix well before use.
Thinner: dilution is not allowed
Cleaner: Hempel's Tool Cleaner 99610

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