Hempaline Defend 630 Cure 72 37820

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Hempaline Defend 630 is designed as a highly durable interior tank coating for the storage of a wide range of petrochemical products including (but not limited to) crude oil up to 120°C [250°F], MTBE, utility water, alcohols, aromatic and aliphatic solvents, aviation fuel, gasoline blends, selected acidic and basic chemicals. Detail description

Hempaline Defend 630 is a highly durable solvent-free epoxy coating (novolac) with excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents. Hempaline Defend 630 can be applied in 1 or 2 coats and as part of a glass fibre reinforced system, either hand applied or spray applied. Hempaline Defend 630 is available in a standard version (Cure 72) and a faster curing version (Cure 24). Both are characterized by the same high resistance.

HEMPEL's high-quality coatings help protect the most valuable buildings and facilities around the world. Whatever project you're tackling, you need to choose the right coating. One that will deliver the performance and long-term protection you need, have minimal impact on the environment, and help make your application as safe as possible. The quality management of HEMPEL products complies with ISO, NORSOK, OHSAS standards as well as local regulations. For more information about HEMPEL products, please visit the manufacturer's website at www.hempel.cz.

Manufacturer: Hempel
The final look: semi-gloss
Dry matter volume: 100 ± 2%
Mixing ratio: Base 37829 : Hardener 9780S (3 : 1 by volume) Mix well before use.
Thinner: dilution is not allowed
Cleaner: Hempel's Tool Cleaner 99610

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