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A two-component, cold cured polyester copolymer filled with special glass microflakes and other fillers to achieve good dielectric properties. CORROCOAT Di-shield is specially developed for resistance to cathodic peeling. Detail description
medium grey
1l 5l 10l

CORROCOAT Di-shield is specially developed for resistance to cathodic peeling. It is primarily used as a dielectric shield to dissipate current and protect areas immediately adjacent to anodes used for voltage current distribution. Corrocoat Di-shield cures even at low temperatures, has excellent adhesion properties and is able to withstand the high pH values generated around the current anodes. Once applied, Corrocoat Di-shield will continue to cure under water, requires no priming, has a buttery consistency to prevent the coating from sinking and also facilitates application at the desired thickness. Available shades: medium grey.

CORROCOAT is the world's leading brand in anti-corrosion technology with in-house research and development of materials. Founded in 1975 in the UK, the company operates on six continents around the world through a network of more than 35 licensed partners. In many countries around the world, materials are specified as an industry standard. CORROCOAT uses innovative mechanical engineering combined with anti-corrosion technology to provide long-term protection for both new and damaged equipment. With a focus on quality, the processes developed are a proven, cost-effective weapon to win the battle against corrosion in the long term. More about the product at

Manufacturer: Corrocoat
Dielectric strength: minimum 25 kV at a dry coating thickness of 1 000 microns
Resistance to cathodic flaking: excellent. BS 3900/F11 1.5v. It won't come off after 56 days
Recommended thickness of dry coating: 6 to 8 mm from the edge of the anode tapering at a distance of half a metre to a metre to a thickness of 1 mm
Dry matter volume: 99,1%
Type of catalyst: methyl ethyl ketone peroxide special compound Corrocoat P2
Mixing ratio: base : catalyst 98 : 2 (weight ratio)
Available shades: medium grey

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