CORROCOAT Corrothane XT Pipe Grade

Product Number
A three-component cold cured vinyl ester urethane polymer filled with special glass microflakes for application to the inner parts of pipelines using the so called. rolling. Detail description
off white translucent brown
5l 10l

A viscosity-modified version for the application method called. Rolling on the inner surfaces of steel and concrete pipe parts where high resistance to chemicals and extremely high temperatures is required. For use both in and out of the dive. CORROCOAT Corrothane XT is a refreshed coating for the protection of internal surfaces of equipment in heavy industry. Available shades: off white, translucent brown.

CORROCOAT is the world's leading brand in anti-corrosion technology with in-house research and development of materials. Founded in 1975 in the UK, the company operates on six continents around the world through a network of more than 35 licensed partners. In many countries around the world, materials are specified as an industry standard. CORROCOAT uses innovative mechanical engineering combined with anti-corrosion technology to provide long-term protection for both new and damaged equipment. With a focus on quality, the processes developed are a proven, cost-effective weapon to win the battle against corrosion in the long term. More about the product at

Manufacturer: Corrocoat
Temperature limit in the immersion: 150°C
Temperature limit outside the immersion: 260°C
Recommended thickness of dry coating: from 1,000 microns to 2,000 microns depending on the environment
Dry matter volume: 99%
Type of hardener: Hardener A (organic peroxide), Hardener B (isocyanate)
Mixing ratio: base 88,13 : hardener A (organic peroxide) 1,32 : hardener B (isocyanate) 10,55 - weight ratios
Available shades: off white, translucent brown