Product Number
A two-component, epoxy topcoat filled with special glass microflakes for application and curing under water as part of the Plasmet UW coating system. Detail description
light grey
5l 10l

CORROCOAT Plasmet UWT is designed for use as part of a UW coating system applied in immersion with CORROCOAT Plasmet UWP and CORROCOAT Plasmet UWL. CORROCOAT Plasmet UWT is commonly applied to the reinforcing lamination layer of Plasmet UWL in combination with a fibreglass fabric. The product is tolerant to submersion under water during application and curing time. It can be used for structural steel, piers, piers and other structures in direct immersion. Available shades: light grey.

CORROCOAT is the world's leading brand in anti-corrosion technology with in-house research and development of materials. Founded in 1975 in the UK, the company operates on six continents around the world through a network of more than 35 licensed partners. In many countries around the world, materials are specified as an industry standard. CORROCOAT uses innovative mechanical engineering combined with anti-corrosion technology to provide long-term protection for both new and damaged equipment. With a focus on quality, the processes developed are a proven, cost-effective weapon to win the battle against corrosion in the long term. More about the product at

Manufacturer: Corrocoat
Temperature limit in the immersion: 45°C (limit of product and total coating system)
Recommended thickness of dry coating: 300 - 500 microns
Dry matter volume: 100%
Type of activator: polyamidoamine
Mixing ratio: base : activator 2 : 1 (weight ratio)
Available shades: light grey

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